We can offer you a course of 12 lessons for the price of € 580,- including the book and access to our webbase program where you can nonstop actively practice. With sufficient participation we make a statement with 64 hours.

You have to make a serious and original portfolio (it is not allowed to overwrite from someone else, DUO will check this and if so then DUO will disapprove your portfolio with the consequence you have to make another one and submit it again including paying again for the costs for the exam).

The portfolio has to be sent digital to DUO by yourself and we will send the 64-hours declaration. After six weeks DUO will inform you if your portfolio has been approved. If so, you will get exemption for the interview.

We will start 20th May 2019 ( Jordaan) two new classes ONA in Amsterdam from 18.30 pm.. The classes consist of 12 lessons of 3 hours each, with a additioneel program with extra class hours.

During the lessons a certified teacher will explain everything very well in a group of a maximum of ten participants.

There are no lessons during school holidays. In the enclosure you will find the schedules of both courses.

Course date: ONA

Starting date: 5 September 2019
Enddate: December 2019

Call us quickly to get a place in this group !